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Online Counseling can expand your private practice by increasing the places you can market for clients. Online counseling also makes you stand out from other therapists and lets you have the flexibility to work outside of your office.


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Private Practice for Therapists

Private Practice 101
Telehealth & Insurance
Marketing 101

Very few mental health professionals were able to take a private practice building class in school. I taught private practice to graduate students and want to bring that class to you. I'm working on creating a free guide to getting started in private practice.

To take insurance or not to take insurance... Kym just created a free intro to telehealth and insurance. You can sign up for it here.... Telehealth and Insurance.

Marketing can be super hard for therapists who have never taken a marketing class. I'm working on a free starter guide to understanding the key components of marketing and how to get started marketing your private practice.


About Me

I am a licensed professional counselor who is passionate about the mental health field. I love seeing clients, being a supervisor, and helping other therapists build a business of their own. I think community and relationships are so critical to mental health so I’m passionate about creating more opportunity for connection among the mental health professionals and the clients.

But my story didn't begin there....